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Technical Services

Problems or opportunities?
Rust Technology Insights Inc provides GC support services, consulting, training and coaching, geared to empower your most valuable resources, your personnel. By taking advantage of the opportunities for continuous improvement that are present every day your personnel can turn problems into opportunities.

Making the most of the opportunities
By developing, expanding, and supporting the expertise and problem solving skills of your staff, you will minimize the need for outside services and support. You will build long term stable support and training relationships. This will create opportunities to build greater confidence in your personnel and in turn your final product quality.

Consulting is directed at resolving problems, development, and implementation of long term strategic goals. We empower you and your staff with the knowledge and expertise to make timely, effective decisions. Our strong technical backgrounds and broad range of experience are available to clarify the issues that are most critical to you.

Services are available for instruments or technical problem solving of difficult issues. We offer a menu of ”on demand” or “contract” services, custom tailored for each of our clients. When your staff has more critical issues to manage, we can provide technically astute and effective personnel.

Effective Training is a vital component for the future of your lab. Personnel that are well trained can and will produce data that is consistent and reliable.

Instruction is provided in a small group setting and is directed at specific targeted tasks. Time, energy and money should not be invested in instruction that does not have direct application to the task at hand. Therefore, the course of instruction will be carefully evaluated and agreed upon in advance to assure focus and effectiveness.

Following the course of instruction, time is devoted to practical demonstration which will include practice and discussion. This is followed by immediate practical application of the learning. Certificates of proficiency will be issued upon completion of the course of instruction and demonstration of proficiency in the appropriate skill sets.

Coaching is where Rust Technology Insights Inc is distinguished from our competitors. We have listened to our customers over the years and seen how often they invested a great deal in training that in the end, had little impact on their operations. We have developed an approach to training that includes ongoing coaching in order to assure that the training process will continue and be effective. An effective coach will make the difference. Time and money spent on training will not be wasted.  

Rust Technology Insights Inc brings decades of practical experience and skill to bear as consultants, technical service providers, trainers, and coaches. We can empower your staff to reach their potential.

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