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Mark Branch...
Mark brings 22 years of chemical industry experience to the table ranging from environmental chemistry, ortho-alkylation chemical research, physical chemistry, gaseous chemistry, radioactive chemistry and quality assurance.  Included in these fields are both hands on and management experience.  Mark has also been actively involved in quality assurance on both the local and the national levels.

Mark is married with two children and currently lives in the beautiful Felicianas.

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Chris Rust...
Chris brings 28 years of laboratory experience to bear as a Refinery/Petrochemical GC applications consultant, instrument support provider, systems designer, and Agilent Chemstation consultant/trainer. He has provided support, consulting, and training services to most of the major petrochemical producers and refiners in the United States.     
Chris has also designed and manufactured custom turn key Gas Chromatograph applications for most of the major refineries and petrochemical producers in the US and Canada as well as for producers in the Pacific Rim. This work includes the design, development, manufacturing support, and technical sales support for the Geanna High Speed Refinery Gas Analyzer. The Geanna instrument is manufactured and distributed by Alpha Omega Technologies of Brielle N.J.

Chris is married with 5 children and two grandchildren. He lives in Zachary, LA.

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