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Refinery and Petrochemical GC applications

GC custom turn key configurations

Sampling systems

Systems design and automation

Agilent Chemstation applications

Vendor selection


GC service

GC preventive maintenance

Custom, turn key applications

Valved GC configuration

Refinery and Petrochemical Methods development

Agilent Chemstation remote and on site support


Introduction to gas chromatography. A custom course tailored to provide lab technicians with fundamental knowledge and hands on skills.

Capillary gas chromatography. A custom course designed to introduce lab technicians to Capillary GC hardware, methods, operation, and development. Emphasis is placed on your samples, columns, and methods so that the technician is prepared to maintain and troubleshoot capillary systems.

Logical troubleshooting. A custom course designed to train your technicians to identify, isolate, and eliminate problems efficiently, and effectively. Course includes instruction in record keeping and shared learning.

Gas Chromatography instrument operation, maintenance, and repair. Training tailored to your instruments and methods.

       A range of training on other instruments is available on request

Valved gas chromatography applications, maintenance, and repair. A course designed to educate and release your staff in the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your valved application GC instrumentation.  

Introduction to Agilent Chemstation and Chemstation level 1 operator training a custom course designed to train lab technicians in basic Chemstation operation including method and run control, instrument parameters, integration, peak identification, calibration, and sequences. Includes hands on lab with your samples. 

Agilent Chemstation level 2 operator training a custom course designed to equip your lab technicians in Chemstation method development, parameter optimization, troubleshooting, automation, and custom reporting. Course includes hands on lab working with your samples or assisting with specific problems. 

Agilent Chemstation level 3 operator training a custom course designed to equip technicians as support providers or in specific operational or development tasks. 


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